A challenge for myself

i will make a game but everybody can give me ideas and i HAVE to add it, theres no rules, so have fun, but you can only describe it in 20 or less words, cuz i only want a simple idea for them to merge

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gunna come back at 4pm tommorow, lets see what we get

No weapons allowed

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Pick one.

Easier challenge:
No platforming. None at all. Additionally no use of gravity, everything must use impulse, motor etc.

Harder challenge:
No physics. Make the entire game using position blocks. Make artificial physics with maths, timers, numbers etc.

Puppy monkey baby

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You can hack different robots and machines to solve puzzles and fight enemies

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Make epic giant robot battle similar to but different from Megazord

Make your game in a universe where everything is extremely bouncy

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Or make one of the main characters suspicious (not necessarily Among Us related)

Add a penguin, Penguins are just a must

Easy challenge: (for the memes)
egg (gam must revolv around egg)


INSANE challenge: (this might be an interesting game…)
a game, that cant include the following genres/elements/mechanics: no fighting & battle, no shops, no jumping (be creative with transprtation) and no platformer.

The Kenny Alien sprite must be some type of character in the game.

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  • Random Madness
  • Madness of Everything
  • Random Game
  • (mix of a bunch of things)
  • let the community make a custom name

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what should the title be?

Not Everything, Not Everywhere, Not all at Once

This title is a reference to the movie Everything Everywhere All At Once

I think a good name would be “Chaosworld”

Mod madness?

Maybe cause there will be so many games??? idk

ima make it on Vaprzz1

also i will only do simple stuff

heres 1

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