A cool game in progress by my lil bro

My lil bro is the guy who introduced me to flowlab.He’s been making quite a number of games by copying codes of games that already exist, and making new things out of it.I don’t know if he’s ever in the forums but i think it’d be cool if you guys saw this.

This game is pretty nice! As of now it is pretty simple and the controls are a bit weird, but that aside it’s great!

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I agree!

P.s. did you or your brother make this?

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This was made by my brother and he is only 7 so pls forgive the graphics haha.He is still working on it but, I’m glad to see that you guys somehow like it :slight_smile: .Anyways I have school now so gotta run see u

Oh and also @spencertheball Yeah the contols are still a bit wonky, but im gonna ask him if hes going to change it.It’s mouse contolled and in multiplayer, he said the cops are arrow keys lol but now i really dont have time anymore bye :slight_smile: