A Few Questions About Exporting Games

As the title states, I have a few questions about exporting games.

In the distant future, I plan on exporting two of my games that I am the most proud of: Pixel Sports and Porky’s Nightmare. The problem is that I still have a few questions about exporting games that I want to arm myself with when I finish these games.

1) Can you make money from exported games.
I see all over Flowlab that you can make money from your games if you use AdMob. But I find ads VERY annoying, and I don’t think it is fair to get money by annoying my players. I have heard some information that you can make money from your games WITHOUT ads, so I just wanted to ask if this was true, and if this is the case for desktop games like Windows?

2) If you update or change a game that has been exported, will the downloadable version of the game be affected too?
After I export Pixel Sports, I plan to update and expand the game as time goes on. You know, to keep the game from being boring and bring in cool changes that might draw in more players or keep the ones I already have. As for Porky’s Nightmare, regular updates will help amplify the horror and fix some bugs that still pop up in the game. If I export Pixel Sports and Porky’s Nightmare, and then later change the games from here in Flowlab, will the exported, downloadable versions of the games be affected too? If not, does that mean I will have to re-export the games and have players re-download the game?

If you have exported a game before (like @“JR 01”, for example), or if you are @“grazer”, I would like to know your answers. Thanks a bunch!

~ Superstargames

Easy questions, ok so @Superstargames;

  1. Yes, just don’t list your game as free like in the game stores and people will have to purchase the game to play it (or like make a separate ad free game people can purchase).

  2. No. If you want to change or update the export, you have to re-export and re-download the game yourself.

@“JR 01”, Thanks for answering. The first answer is reassuring to hear. I don’t mean to be a bother, but I just have another question: If I re-export and re-download the game, does that mean that my players would also have to re-download and/or re-purchase the game?

Usually In the app stores, the new games is treated like an update, so it’s like a yes and no.

You’re technically redownloading the game but it’s on the same purchase of the game.

Okay, thank goodness! Thanks for answering my questions. That’s very helpful.

Are there any recommendations regarding screensizes for mobile games? Ratio and/or size?

Usual Screen size for TV and Smartphones is 16x9 as a good estimate for both.