A few questions about levels and shared objects in multiplayer

When you have players on different levels, is each level running for each player or just the one the player is on?
When you have a shared object in a level and a second player joins that level, is the shared objects position updated?
When a shared object is spawned in one players computer does that happen in other player’s computers as well?
Same question, but with destroying?
Does the type of object (no multiplayer, shared, player) that spawns a shared object affect the spawning?


From what I read of the multiplayer handbook (I don’t have indie so my knowledge is limited)
“If a NextLevel block is triggered inside of a Player object, then only that player will be sent to the new level. If a NextLevel block is triggered anywhere else, then all Player objects will be sent to the new level.”
I think only the level the player is on is running for themselves (Player 2 may run level 2, but player 1 is running level 1).

“Shared objects have their positions synchronized on the network between all the connected players. Only make an object shared if its position is crucial to the game play.”
Not sure what you mean by updated, by if player 1 moved the object player 2 should see it in it’s new position.

  • Note: Shared objects can only be spawned while the network is created, so attempting to Spawn , Emit , or Attach shared objects while disconnected will fail.

When a shared object is spawned in 1 player’s computer it should be spawned in the other as well.

If they are shared then they should be destroyed on both computers.

  1. What do you mean by affecting the spawning? If it’s in players 1 computer because they already did something and not in players 2 I think it should still spawn on both computers still (Using an AND gate can stop it so both players must complete their “tasks”).

Does this help? You can also use multiple tabs to test multiple behaviors. I would recommend asking someone else as well since I can’t use multiplayer and all I know is from the handbook.

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That does help!
Another question after thinking about it though:
Does a shared object that was spawned via behavior get deleted if no one is in the level?

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I would assume it works like normal objects and would get deleted unless it has Keep on level restart/Keep between levels