A game by my close friend(Sweettea12345)

SNAP! is a game that my friend(Sweettea12345) made a while ago. He made a topic discussing it when it had he had only just started creating it and since he is inactive due to summer break(School accounts/chromebooks and everything) He finished the game a little bit ago and I decided to let the community know he did!

Game right here → SNAP!

I would like to know your feedback so I can tell him.

I just remembered, if you don’t give feedback then give memes.


Nice game! The art could use some improvement, especially removing the mixels. I think that this a really fun and simple concept, the idea of birdwatching but for animals other than birds. Additionally, the sea is a very colorful place. So why does the ocean in this game have such a small and bland variety of creatures? The surface world level before it had a lot more animals and biodiversity than the ocean floor did. The ocean in this game seriously needs more sea creatures in it even more than the art updates for the whole game in my opinion.


I like the concept of this game. I don’t know why it’s called snap.

Art: I give art a seven out of ten 7/10. The art is neat and simple but some of the animals lack shading. The tree leaves also look a bit off, due to the dark green lines.
The water, both in the ocean and the river, is a little plain. The river could use some waves and the ocean could use a few different colors, lighter towards the surface.
The sky would look much better and more realistic if there were clouds.

Character: The main character and the raft that he’s on are well drawn. The movement is simple and could use some rocking. The main character, for this purpose, is a six out of ten, 6/10.

Gameplay: The overall game is fun and educational. With a bit of polish, it could be greatly enhanced! I give the overall game a 7/10.

Polish tips: The game could be much more realistic. Adding rocking (For the boat) from the waves, a few large waves, and a bit more shading would greatly enhance the game. I like the concept of clicking to see what animal it is.

This was a fun game! Thanks for sharing it with us!