A.I movement help

I’m trying to make it so the fish in my game can move all around the map randomly, is that possible? Link to the game: http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/285596

Yes it is. My skeletons do this in my game, the movement is nothing more that random logic plugged into x and y velocities. Check it out.


  1. Hook a once trigger to set a timer trigger to repeat.
  2. Hook the timer to two random logics.
  3. Set each logic with a value of -2 to 2, adjust to change speeds.
  4. Hook one logic to x velocity and one to y velocity.

This is the basic setup. Mine has a little more added, feel free to use my Random Movement Rig if you wish.

Thank you so much, you really helped me out!

New question, is there a way to make the AI move toward you, but only in the x axis? I also don’t want it to be upside-down, that happened while testing when it worked

Yes there is a way to do that

Remove the Y part of everything

I did that and nothing happened

(Link no longer matters BTW)

So here is an example of an an enemy following on both x and y axis:


If you were to only add the x axis logic from this, the enemy would only follow on the x axis.

Huh, mine must be glitching

It only works on one level unless you use proximity