A make your own behavior option

you have to code how it functions through script this could lead to tons of creativity

There are some creativity in the Expression behavior, but not like commands like that.

@“JR 01”, when you mentioned commands, the first thing that popped up in my head were the commands from Minecraft.
The command system includes loads of stuff, and if we had a special behavior block that worked like the command blocks in Minecraft, then it would open up Javascript to Flowlab, AND still give preloaded commands that are unique to Flowlab, possibly creating a whole new type of code.

we could possibly even make a game engine in flowlab which so far cant be done

script blocks? Count me in.
Completely not game development, but have a look at what I use to program my Arduino projects:

Flow/node programming too. @grazer have a look at the layout, reminds me of old style ladder programming sheets :slight_smile:
No blocks you have to hunt down … they seem to love play hide&seek with me, mostly when I work inside bundles.

AND … all of them can be opened down to the source so you can make your own mods.

The other thing I like, the zoom works even on my phone browser so that i can use it. Flowlabs menu seems to be quite stubborn, lol.

Half of that into Flowlab dreams

@TinkerSmith, It just takes me to a log in screen.

hmm… i must have auto login on then, sorry. Try just xod.io without the /ide part.