A Messgae to All Who Entred Flowjam

The Time is up! Flowjam is over and @grazer makes the final choice. I just want to say well done to all those who worked hard onbtgeir Game. This whent from all ages, 13, ke me, or an adult like @todorrobot and can i say after browsing all the entries it’s so obvious everyone worked Hard so i just want to say congradulations! Everyone who entred deserves a prize for all the hard work.

Good Luck

@“The Kodex” I had the same thing happen to me, my leveling system completely rewired itself and I had to fix it.

Ill second that! Im super stoked to see over 50 entries (last time I counted) and cant wait to check them all out. I had no idea there were so many active Flowlab members at the moment (though I guess good prizes might pull some people out of the wood work).

Kudos to @grazer for running a successful jam and for creating such a great and versatile game engine. I had tons of fun busting my butt for two weeks while it was slow at work, lol!

Good luck to all who entered!

I hope someone who deserves it wins. I doubt i will but gl to all!

I think that either nyctophobia, mind prison or Galaxy trek will win lol am I biased?

nyctophobia, Pandora’s box and other won’t play for me…

Wierd, its probably ciz the server is full

Hey @“The Kodex” - it’s playing ok for me, I think they are OK.

I also have a message for everyone who entered:

Please go play the games, and vote for your favorite :slight_smile: Fewer than half the entrants have voted so far!

I think I know why @grazer
Although we are all good sports, I for one will not vote yet because my game has only been played by people who will vote three times. If I vote it will give me a severe disadvantage.

Havent had a chance to play through more than a handful of entries. Good stuff so far and a hard decision for sure.

I actually messed up my game so bad. Before submission, it was Playable, now, some mistakes due to my own hand, it’s a mess… I Had a chance at winning before.

Unfortunately, it was my flowjam entry, So I can’t “Fix” Mine

U can work on flowkam entries until it is over