A million questions, but I'll start with just one

I’ve been using flowlab for about 3 weeks and just joined a few days ago. I really like it for the most part but I’m confused by a lot of things.
I’ll probably have a million dumb questions along the way, but here is my first one. When I click on “download iOS Project” and unzip it, I see a bunch of files but… what am I looking at? How do I open them? What do I do with these files? Thanks!

Yeah, i have that question too!

Nvm for this question

The files are all what is used in xcode, a mac program.

Ah… got it. Very cool.


So I need a mac to run xcode?

Well, you need a mac to upload to the itunes store too. Unless you can get Super Creator to do it for you.

Yes but i am not indie anymore and my mom doesn’t want to pay 100 dollars for apple stuff :frowning:

Well, on the brightside, I know it is possible to run a mac OS on top of your Windows OS (download wise). It just takes days of patience.
So if I were to run my game in xcode, could I perhaps “copy” the code from that mac onto a program in Windows?

No, just google run mac on windows and there will be a program that can run mac on your pc and there will be Xcode

Well sure, if you have a computer with powerful enough specs to run virtualbox.

I tried that but it just shows random code lines instead of the windows (I have a mac)