A New Aperture Science Investment Opportunity!

Hello investor! I’m Cave Johnson, Head of Aperture Science, and lead designer of our new product! The Aperture Science Ariel Faith Plate (Also know as Faith Plate) This new Testing Element can Be used to Launch, and uhh, Thats about it. Anyways, the Lab boys said they could make it in this Weird Coding site called flowlab, And they asked me to show it on the forums! Well, Here it is: Flowlab Game Creator - Portal 2 Faith Plate Example Enjoy the Test (:
(Ps: None of this is cannon to the actual Plot of Portal 2, And im not Cave Johnson 0.0)
(Pps: Dont press any buttons while using the Faith Plate, Its lead to many Acid Injerys…)


I made this a week ago, didn’t feel like it deserved it’s own forum post but I guess sharing it here works.

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For some reason, It doesnt work for me. The portals arent placing.

The latest update seems to have broken some stuff since the proximity behavior was changed, I’ll fix it right quick

There, it works now : )

ooh cool, ty

Can I use that code?

Sure, I guess. If you can understand any of it, I don’t remember how organized it is… but the behaviors aren’t all that complicated either

Yea, I thought of a way to do it at some point, I just havent gotten around to it

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