A new franchise

I’ve been motivated to make a new game after hyper survival… It will be called hyper survival: corruption…
Basically hyper survival- except more stuff to deal with and almost everything wants to murder you…

Here’s how it works
There are two categories of enemies: normal and shadow.
Shadow based enemies go through walls and fly
Normal based enemies have the same physics you have, gravity and can’t go through walls. Shadow based enemies will die if they touch water

If a shadow based enemy hits you, your corruption meter goes up by 10%, but slowly comes back down. If the meter fills up to 100%, you are corrupted and the game is over.
Normal enemies affect your health, but if you are above 75% hundred. You regenerate your health.

The hunger meter is the exact opposite of the corruption in terms of gameplay. You must grow plants by collecting seeds that enemies drop. Hunger cannot kill you, but if your above 75% you regenerate health back.

There will be something called the corrupt- it is an area of the insanely large map I will make that will spawn shadow based enemies if you should cover fresh ground there.
Then there’s the haven- a super small area where enemies NEVER spawn and vegetables grow without you planting them… There also will be rain, thunder, dark moons, and haven days; where you get time to build without being swarmed.

there will also be arcades that you can find underground, you find them you can play fun mini games (that’s your que to enter your games as suggestions)

There will be a super form just like last time (press S in the original) allowing flight and rapid fire.

There will be a top down mode too. With mostly the same mechanics.

In order to advance the game, you must venture into the corrupt to find a gem that powers it, once collected, the balance of light and dark become ruptured, and you will enter hyper mode. The difficulty of the game will greatly increase and you will need to build lots of defenses. every night a wave of enemies will show up to make your innards become outwards. You obviously don’t want that, so building and defending is your only choice. You also can have shadow blocks in hyper mode. shadows will die if they come into contact with one.

Sounds Sweet Cant wait to play