A Non-Brick Flowjam Entry

This is my Flowjam entry; I’m linking it here so people can respond with feedback or bugs they find.
I designed this game with a big focus on challenging AI enemies and consistent physics mechanics (for that reason the game isn’t necessarily very “fun”, the art is terrible, and there’s no sound). I also found a decent way to save objects between levels, i.e. whatever is in your ship when you leave one level is still in your ship in the next level, including whatever you’re holding.
But I really hope people can mess around with the various mechanics and find different ways to use them (let me know if you find a way to get out of bounds without opening the editor).

And yes, there isn’t really a way to win yet, and there aren’t very many planets yet either. I will continue to work on this later, adding more planets, weapons, allies, and enemies, expanding / refining existing levels, improving the graphics (changing everything to Lego bricks), adding sound and music, improving the performance, coming up with a better game title, etc.


I have a feeling most people didn’t make it through the first level or very far into the second level, so I made a little walkthrough video:


If anyone wants to experience a fun little AI battle, try Level 5 now. I’ve gotten Allies to work with Enemy targeting, though the system for accomplishing it completely kills the framerate, so it will need to be optimized a lot before being implemented into the rest of the game.