A problem on mobile

Here’s the problem:
So,say your creating a game.
You want to name it “Awesome bros:The super adventure”
You try to remove “New Game”(with the <x] thing)
It stays there
Not one letter was deleted
Also,you can’t even move in Mobile.

So if you mess up,it’ll have to stay there

Well, Ive been working on my games in Mobil and everything you said worked for me. But I did notice some glitches and sometimes my character wont move when I play the game. Also sound doesnt work at all.


Please re-explain it, what “words” aren’t changing?

You cant remove the words “New” and “Game”.

I cannot explain it further than that.

For the game title? Is it a behavior problem? or is it in the mobile export?

do you have a link to the game…

flowlab.io/game/play/1468749,I can’t remove the New & Game out of it.But it just makes the title so much better,unlike it you try to make anything else
And yes,it is for the title.Textbox & characters as well.

In the Game settings, go to title name and Delete all the words by using backspace.
Then type “Scared”, press play and reload the game.

Use the eraser tool and erase the pixels around the image.
After changing one of the blocks, press play and reload the game.

i’d like to keep the title NSG but thanks for the advice and that’d definitely work