A question regarding off topic discussions

Okay so the community’s last off topic discussion was called something like “Ree complete sentence stupid” and for some reason it was temporarily closed for four hours. Now it’s been closed for almost 24 hours and I was wondering what all happened there. It said that it was closed for all of the flags on there, but I look over the entire thing and there was zero flags throughout the discussion. Sorry I just wanted to know so please don’t flag.

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I have no idea which discussion you are talking about, but if I had to guess, it was probably closed because there were already too many off-topic discussions. I am aware that there are quite a few off-topic discussions made solely for off-topic posts, although I’ve set them all to ignored so that they won’t be the first thing I see when I get on the forums.

Maybe they weren’t deleted because they didn’t completely pollute the forums (like spam or insults), so it was fine to leave them on.