A quick rant about something that happened on Reddit:

So I recently made a post on Reddit, looking for an animator, and listed my requirements. Now obviously the people on r/Flowlab are gonna understand what I’m asking as members of Flowlab, but apparently not because I saw a screenshot of the post appear on r/ChoosingBeggars because I literally can’t afford to pay anyone for their work, and I’m thirteen so income isn’t exactly going to be something to think about.
I posted on it basically questioning how being broke and asking for help from people my age was being a choosing beggar, and the argument almost immediately went to child labour… What?

So basically, to my Flowlab friends, asking for help from your peers is slavery. Honestly I’m not bothered by it, just thought it was funny how stupid people can be XD



@browngr give me a link

Nah, don’t want to stir up more argument, sorry


I feel like it’s kinda disrespectful to put something on r/choosingbeggars even if someone really was being unreasonable. (from what you said i think you were reasonable) it’s completely fine and good to be asking if anyone wants to work on a game with you just for fun, but i see how it could be misinterpreted.

Yeah. If you ask for help on something, then you expect someone who’s capable of helping you to volunteer. Just because I’m asking for help on an international forum and have standards doesn’t make me a choosing beggar… lmao

Yep found it after a bit of looking

But what that one guy was saying is that saying youre hiring someone which requires for them to be paid. Otherwise it isnt necessarily hiring them. Its (like another person said) volunteer work. I get youre trying to sound professional (which was stated by you as a reminder) but hiring someone includes paying them. Otherwise its out of their passion/interest for the game. But I hope you can understand this. Now putting it on choosing beggars is completely disrespectful and uncalled for. Hope Im not starting anything, and I would be interested in working on HAKK3R 2 (:

Thanks for the understanding, @TheGameDemon! Yeah, I see your point, and I admit my mispeaking, but damn, since when does using a word semi-incorrectly making me a complete piece of garbage who expects life handed to me on a plate? lmao
Anyway, yeah, if you want to work on HAKK3R 2, just DM me! I can always use the support.

The stupid redditor hate rant:
Asking a question?
Redditors being smart
any other subbreddit?(cuz r/flowlab)
Redditors being stupid?
Redditors being omega stupid?

@browngr I do think that the the subreddit was being pretty toxic to a pretty tame request. It was a small mistake, thats it. There was no need to put it on choosing beggars. Then again…it is reddit.

I was the one who put it on reddit. Its as simple as that. I believe it was a choosing beggar scenario. They want something specific for free. Browngr said They wanted a realistic animator and for free.They are CHOOSING what type of animation it should be and they Want it for free. It doesn’t matter if he had no money because your too young to get a job, the world doesn’t care. Just because you can’t do something doesn’t mean your inclined to get it for free. That’s like saying I want a specific videogame but I am unable to get money so i should get it for free. Either way we worked it out on reddit and that’s the end of the discussion. Browngr also seems to be making what he asked for seem light hearted so here is the reddit post https://www.reddit.com/r/ChoosingBeggars/comments/i9y7ne/wants_realistic_animations_and_be_dedicated_to/

Realistically he never mentioned anything about him being inclined to get it for free. Now while saying that he was hiring somebody was a bad choice of words, it was a simple request. It was tame and there was no demand or offense in his statement. It was definitely a disrespectful move on your part for putting a simple request on a subreddit notorious for shaming people. Theres no other way to put it. Him and his game was shamed.

@TheGameDemon Actually he shamed himself. I blurred out his username but he commented on the post saying its his game. I think its both of our faults. His choice of words was bad when he said hiring instead of volunteering and I shouldn’t have left the name of his game in the post. If he asked for the post to be removed I would remove it.

the bad choice of words makes it sound extremely specific and like wanting professional work for free, but I know that’s probably not what brownjr meant.

I agree that both people are at fault in some way though. I would have preferred to see the post from the beginning so i could make my own opinion, and not just be hearing it from one side.

but it doesn’t matter now, and I’m just glad everything has been settled.

If you wish I could send you the link privately.

@“Classic Productions” please remove the link to avoid future drama

reddit is a toxic place ain’t gonna lie.