A Quick Survey for ViperTeck Supporters!

This is just a quick survey for you, the Flowlabber, to decide what ViperTeck is to do next! Is HAKK3R going to return, or is a new member of ViperTeck going to arrive, far, far, really far away in a separate MultiVerse? That’s up to you to decide.


Thank you!

no problem I love all of your games!

Hey, thanks! (=
I try my best for all of them, so the support is greatly appreciated.

Anyone else who has the time and interest, please, take the survey! It’s just 3 quick questions!!!

This survey is open for input up until APRIL 5TH. That is when game development begins. So, if you have an idea of what you want us to do next, NOW IS THE TIME!

I’m not really sure, sorry.

No problem!

Anyone willing to take the survey?
It’d be a great help to both members of ViperTeck!