A "Range" Feature for the Sound Behavior.

It wouldn’t even require a player object’s location to be extracted, it’s really simple:
The Range of the sound would come in a shape, either circle or square, like the proximity behaviour, and would have an option below it where you can change whether it’s “smooth” or “solid”. The smooth feature would play the sound at a certain volume corresponding to how close the player is. The Solid feature would play the sound at the same volume that it’s set at when the player is in range, no matter how close. And the max volume would always be the one the scroll is set to.
Here’s an idea of what it would look like:
Yes, I know there’s already a way to do this on Flowlab, but it’s buggy, takes up room, and requires extraction of the player object’s position.

I think this would need an additional select for the object type/name that you want to check the proximity to, right? Or am I misunderstanding you?

@grazer even with this, a setting with it would help, for you can’t use this solution for myltiplayer games. Believe me, I’ve tried in my SCP game.

Oh, yeah I forgot that. Thanks, @grazer

@browngr do you know who edited the game? Please read the pm chat

I did this in NYCTOPHOBIA by using distance.

yous proximity and numbers for volume and put each player in there own level. then link the levels with global or mail box and message and it will actually works because of the increased ram from a reesant update.

Yes, I know it would work, but it’s still not perfect, I said that. This is why I’m requesting a specific feature for it.