A really long delay

Sorry for everyone who asked for reviews on the Pumpkin Previews and anyone else who had asked me questions. I currently cannot be able to answer them or do anything since my iPad was token away (accidental) and now I am forced to send this message by phone. Just to let you all know that I didn’t forget about you, just been super busy over fall break and haven’t had anytime to do anything, and probably won’t be able to do anything until school starts up. Also the trailer for my game might be delayed a week since this loss in time will definitely throw my schedule off. Sorry for this awful wait.

PS, in my game the Facility, please go a little bit under the vertical door when going through, I keep getting messages about it, but know one seems to figure it out. I posted some images on the update log on how to walk through if you want to check it out. Plus it makes life much easier.