A Slight Altarcation 🦊 - ARTIC ALPACASAURUS

Of course, I’m pairing up with Alpaca once again, and to build up HYPE, here is a juicy sneakpeak at our game:


It looks like foxer combined with ewarks( or whatever the star war game was called)


Woah! That looks amazing! I can’t wait after seeing how gods of five was!


Image is faded, click to see unfaded version

What could be in those trees?

Maybe something nice, that’s sure to please!


Are you working with Dino Dev too? You said Arctic Alpacasaurus, which means you’re using the team with all three of you.


DinoDev isn’t actively helping with the game (She hasn’t been active for ~2 months I think), but I still like to use the team name because she did kind of sponsor me and created the team originally.

Without her there is a pretty high chance I wouldn’t be here.
When I first started Flowlab I was entirely free (still technically am), then I created the devlog for Alpaca Raceway February/March (using Flowlab for about 2-3 months at this point). Later in development I was working on improvements on it and mentioned the limit of objects was met so it was hard for me to continue working on it, and soon afterward DinoDev asked me if I wanted to collaborate on the game (Basically sponsoring me by giving me the perks of Indie).
I still never got around to finishing the game, I stopped for the summer jam where I created Color Complex. I do one day hope to continue it, but there are some more stuff I’d prefer to work on beforehand


Alpaca lore!!!


Dinodev is on vacation or something right?

I saw her on roblox about a week ago and she said that she hadn’t been on flowlab in a while, but I vaguely remember something about her on vacation or on some sort of trip.


I have no idea, she deleted her discord. But hopefully she comes back, didn’t know she went on vacation


As much as I want to make games I can’t balance it with real life. I already have a ton of hobbies as is that I would like to pursue, and as I am progressing through high school I have challenged myself and set high academic and extracurricular standards that make it relatively hard to do anything else besides school. I hope the work will pay off, and although I had moments where the game dev. career sounded great to me, I realized it is against a lot of morals that I stand for and also distracted me from doing something I’ve always thought about: environmental science. I want to make an impact. As for deleting my discord…as silly as it sounds it was for mostly a political reason (I just cannot stand discord users (apart from the Flowlab community)). There is so much inside me that wishes I could compete, but I would be no help to any team, and if I worked alone, I wouldn’t create something I’d be proud of. I’ve been transparent on the forums for a while because I don’t want to create a false impression that I’m still making games (as much as I want to) and I also just want to spend less time talking to people online (no offense!).

TLDR; Too busy :frowning:

You guys are some of the best people I’ve ever met and if I EVER decide that there is time for game dev. (maybe in the summer??) I will return.

I want to wish everyone luck with the game jam, especially CA and Hong.

about what Maniac said about vacation: that was a 4 day vacation and I was playing Roblox because I was bored out of my mind…and I have create a new discord account that I portray not an internet persona but my real life identity—for that reason that account will never be on the Flowlab Discord; I am in servers with my IRL friends and that’s it.



Things look… different…
I wonder why…?


A demon is about to be summoned


It’s nearly 4 AM, I’m gonna get some sleep now :zzz:


I sent this on discord, so should send it here as well. Guess on the type of game?


holy cow, I didn’t think I did that much


It’s finally here!
We really hope you enjoy the game, we worked crazy hard on it

:penguin: :llama: :t_rex:


Can’t wait to play when I get home


There are some bugs, that I somehow managed to miss, so for the best gameplay experience

  1. Follow the instructions
  • Collect 1 of every resource
  • Build a House (Hammer in the top right to open Build menu)
  • Build a Crop Field (Under the “?” Icon")
  • Build Lumberyard

After that, the tutorial is complete

  1. Go to the Altar and click “Research”.
  • Along the top click “Misc”
  • Make sure you’re on the Altar Skill Tree
  • Purchase the Lectern by going through the top path.

Due to a really really obvious bug, don’t buy fences

Getting the lectern is very important, shouldn’t have assumed people would just know where it was lol


Edit; Nevermind, I read it wrong.
I love this game by the way! It’s so fun!

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Update 1.1: “Life/Bug Improvements

The first of many updates to come (hopefully)! This update focuses on improving the player’s quality of life when playing the game, whether for the first time or for the tenth time.

Update Log:

  • Building Buttons: If now Villagers occupy the building, only the “Call” and “Demolish” buttons will be shown. When a Villager is working, the 3rd button to stop working will appear. (This will hopefully cause less confusion on what the buttons do and when to use them).
  • Building Buttons: Text now appears when hovering over options.
  • Resource UI: The numbers have been increased slightly to improve readability and reduce the “Mixel” look.
  • Building Bug: Fixed an issue that caused the building hitbox to not be removed after it was destroyed by an enemy.
  • Blessings: A “Notification” icon will now appear to display how many active blessings/quests you have.
  • Enemy Spawner: Fixed a bug causing only 1 enemy type to spawn.
  • UI: New team logo created by the great @Hong_Jooni_Pooni, so when you start the game you’ll see it!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, this was just a very minor update!