A Tank Shooter I made

I’m pretty new to Flowlab, but figured I’d share a game I made and let you guys critique it. Still in early stages, but let me know what you think.


Controls: W to move forward, Follows mouse cursor, click to shoot

Like it! I don’t think I’ve seen a game with these controls - plays well.

A few points you could consider (early stages of development I know).

  1. It’s difficult to see the the enemies black bullets against the background.

  2. Feels a bit cramped within the single screen - could look at adding a scrolling background or creating a bigger arena.

  3. Add places/barriers to take cover - there was a game called Combat/Tanks on the Atari 2600 you could check out for inspiration.


Hey, I agree with everything that muddyapples said, but I would add:

  1. The enemies bullets move too fast, if they were a bit slower it would be possible to dodge them, which I think would change the gameplay quite a bit.

Also, it looks really good :slight_smile:

Ok, made some adjustments to the game. Wondering what you guys think.

Added new bullet mechanics, new artwork. Still need to add barriers and advanced AI for navigating barriers.

Had to change controls because mouse x,y got wonky with scrollview.


W/S - Move Forward/Backward
A/D - Turn Left/Right
Left Click - Fire

The new tank graphics/animations are looking cool.

I think it could be good if not all enemy tanks took 4 hits to destroy. Maybe the majority could only take 1-2 hits and every now and then a different coloured tank could take 4 hits.

Could look at making each level more of a mission by adding in a Capture the Flag feature to the gameplay.

Good stuff.

Something you could do is add a timer to how much you can shoot or like ammo on the ground so you aren’t just clicking like crazy but awesome game! :smiley:

bro this is so cool, could i have the honor of putting this on my gaming website? (direct comment to me…)