Abandoned Dont click

Dont read this this is abandond


1: grammar pls. I can’t understand a thing you’re saying.
2: my example works for what you are saying. Pls try using my code.

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I tried it and it did not work also I was in a rush to write it cuase I going somewhere and wanted answers when i got back. Also when i do your code I did exactly what you want and after I jump once I can not jump agian or move!

Welp, when I tested mine, it workes, so idk how to help you. You probably did not get the messages right. The messages have to be the exact same as on the screenshot. You probably got the walkOn message wrong, and you are not able to walk again once you jump (and it get’s turned off.)

Ok I will try to look over it I spelled it right I think walkOn and walkOff

My code is it correct?

Haha the walkOn is turning it off and the walkOff is turning in on in the picture

Oh ok I thought it was weird that on went to off and off went to on!

Does it work?

Idk i have not tried it yet i on mobile right now!