Ability to go back to the start after touching a checkpoint

I was making my game and couldn’t seem to figure out how to restart the game after touching the checkpoint, refreshing and opening in a new tab didn’t seem to work. Would appreciate any help or anything you might notice that is wrong with the code I used from the example level.

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It’s because the checkpoints use saves, meaning that they will save your position throughout reloading and only get rid of the save when you reload your cache, If you want to get rid of this you can replace the saves with something else. (or just clear them)


Is there a more temporary option that I missed that the player wouldn’t have to refresh their cache for?
Or how might I go about clearing the data from the save?

If I’m correct the other checkpoint example doesnh’t use saves, idk though you’ll have to look into the code.

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Welcome to flowlab @ilikeduckies123! I wish i could help with this but i can’t :frowning:

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I ended up figuring out something that worked how I wanted, thanks for all the help everyone.