About FPS Settings

is it correct that if i set the fps in game settings to 60 that the game will be capped to 60 fps independent to the players hardware?
For example their computer+screen could generally run games at 90fps/hz

Well everything is run at 60 fps, the setting just affects how fast the physics run I believe.

60 for smoother physics
30 for less smooth

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Oh ok i get it now ty

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the Vsync option will make the game run at the Monitor’s refresh rate (if it can handle the game to run at that speed based on the game’s performance), if not it will run at 60FPS (or less if the game is lagging).

I have a 144.15 Hz monitor, which means games with the 60 (Vsync) option will run at 144 FPS if the game performance allows it.


I just want to explain a few things for clairification,

By default, games run at 30fps desync but there are options for 30 and 60 fps with and without v-sync. 30fps and 60fps changes how fast behaviors work, but physics and related behaviors still work the same, as in 5 velocity is still 5 velocity since velocity is measured in seconds instead of how fast the code runs. But adding numbers in code with be faster since that is the code itself adding the values.

Sync and Desync is a feature that forces the screen to update with the monitor refresh rate. vsync is much smoother because the screen updates to the monitors refresh rate, and removes stutters. There’s not really any drawbacks, especially since it reverts to the fps if the game lags by performance. The only thing is that if you are making anything that’s not fast pace like puzzles games or something, there’s not much of a need to change this setting. As well, it’s not much noticable on low end monitors since they are usually defaulted to 60Hertz.

On a seperate note,
there use to be a behaivor called “fps” that is now removed and added to a behavior called “level physics” with the “speed” input. This never changed the hardware fps, but just changes the physics speed. Instead of fps, it now works by % where 100 is the normal speed of the game. If you find the fps behavior in older games, it’s just to adjust the physics speed by fps numbers instead.


You were talking aboutr vsync and desync. I can only see desync in settings, so i assume the normal 30fps/60fps option is the vsync one?
Thank you for your explanation.

Setting FPS to 60 in-game caps it at 60 FPS, irrespective of hardware capability. Frame rate affects game speed but not physics.