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Ideas to improve Flowlab

Maybe try adding more layer options. Like making your own layers and naming them.
And also maybe more options for the pixel art.

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make it so you can have 3d


Please Grazer, a backpack. This would go in between Layer and Settings.

You can put certain objects in there and access them in any project.

For example, if I wanted a pause button on multiple projects, I could add it to my backpack and access it like that. When you take from the backpack it gives a sort of clone so you can customize it and change it without messing with the object in the backpack.

This would work similarly to bundles but would include animations, code, and physics.

We could also remove stuff from the backpack and replace it if we make an updated version.

This would be handy because we could add stuff like checkpoints, base characters, UI Buttons and things like this without having to go to old projects and import all the animations and code.

Please consider.

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That will probably never happen

I’ve also been thinking that! That would be super useful!

And, a sprite editor update is on the way, but for now for more complex art use pixilart.com

I need that 100% as im currently making a series of games using the same characters and the designs keep changing!

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Why you dig this up?

Cus im bored :laughing: