Above head dailogue

So im working on games and such and wanted to make a above head dialogue system, because I didn’t want to make a bulky Interface Object, Could anyone help or provide ideas. @JR01 i know youve messed around with above head nametags, think you could help?

Like you want text to appear above an entities head? You could use the extractor behavior and make it extract a certain sprites location (X,Y) and add that position to the Label behavior. Might make it so that it is above the head like add a block or two in the location so it always adds like two blocks to the y coordinate so its above the character.
If you don’t know how to do that then maybe someone else can explain how to. I’m not very good at examples or explaining stuff, but at least I try to help with the best of my ability, lol.

I Probably try using extractors

It would be super clunky if you made the dialogue above the characters, let alone making the dialogue system itself.

After you make the system, you want to extract the characters position.
Use a separate expression to subtract the Y to make it above the characters.
If the system was made in the UI layer, use the math I have in my Nametag Example that adds the camera position with the players position.

Thanks for the help JR_01