Action! Ping Pong

Ping Pong But MORE

Action! Ping Pong Link

Please Tell Me What You Think And What Other Items I Should Add :slight_smile:


The Up And Down Buttons Show How Many Points Are Required In Order To Win

The Colors Button Puts On Colors Duh :roll_eyes:

P1 (Left) Uses W And S
While P2 (Right) Uses Up And Down Buttons


The “-” Item Box Decrease The Ball’s Size By 50%

The “+” Item Box Will Increase The Ball’s Size By 100%

The “=|” Item Box Will Increase The Balls Speed

The “|=” Item Box Will Decrease The Balls Speed

The “| | |” Item Box Will Add Another Racket In The Center

Other Stuff:

The Ball Goes Faster With Every Point Until A Certain Speed, Once You Reach Said Speed The Ball Can Only Go Faster Through Item Boxes


Hi! Thanks for posting your game. It’s common courtesy to not ask for people to play your game on other posts, so it’d be kind if you don’t do that. @ManiacPumpkin @AbstractGallery and @ShadowGaming can probably give you excellent reviews!


sorry, im new here in the forums so I don’t know how things work here, im really sorry

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No problem! If you @ someone it automatically notifies them, so I’m sure one of the people that I mentioned will come around sometime soon. Some other good sources are @Greggo and @glowbug!


Nice, it plays like a charm.
One thing I noticed though that could help is to reset the ball to the center, when either player scores a point the ball likes to get caught behind the paddle which can get annoying as the other player will get more than one point, maybe you could add a system so that when a player scores it sends the ball back to the center of the screen.
Also you might need to fix this.

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And don’t forget meee!!! This game is a great start, just needs some speeding up and debugging. 8/10!!!

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Use a position block to do that, multiply the block coordinates by 32 to get the pixel coordinates.

Ok, I Will Fix⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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Lol, I was just mentioning the people that were online the most and in the trust forums.

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I was gonna post a really long bruh but then the bot noped me

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Not to discourage you, just want to show you this, I’m kind of known for “breaking” everyone’s games, hehe.


that makes two of us


Also some classic retro music would fit this game perfectly! I could supply you with some if you have indie, or you could use music already in the flowlab editor.

I have free account so I have to use flowlab default music

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Actually I’m pretty sure I can convert the files into a url link so you can use them.

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I Don’t Think That URLs Work For Free Accounts? Tried It Once And Didn’t Work

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Well it has to have a few file specifications, like it having to be an mp3 format, must be a url that links to the direct music and etc.
I found that the most reliable way is to just download the link from your google drive after you’ve downloaded/uploaded the music.

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How do you make url files?! I’ve been working on it forever!

Its pretty simple, I could go the long and boring route but the simple answer is download the music and uploaded it to google drive then get the shared link.

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