Add an Eraser Tool

Have you ever accidentally placed about 50 blocks with the clone tool when you only wanted to place 10 because your mouse slipped? Do you hate having to click and delete every single block individually? I think having an eraser tool is something that we greatly need. There’s the ability to use the clone items tool as a brush so why not do the same where you can just click and drag to erase.


You can hold backspace and move your cursor over blocks to remove them quickly.

One of flowlab’s hidden features.

Wow that was a fast update.

Kidding but good to know.

Thank you so much! @Latif3 They really should put this stuff somewhere. I wonder what other weird hidden features there are…

Hmm, I could list some:

  1. When holding shift and moving a behavior block, you will only move that specific behavior block.
  2. Ctrl+D will toggle debug mode when playing your game. You’ll be able to see the collider shapes of all objects.
  3. You can connect an output to an input in the same behavior block (only if the input is a blue dot):
    blue dot means doesn’t send an output directly, white dot means it does.

And that’s it I guess

Ah, cool, i knew that last one, but I didn’t know those other 2!