Adjust Color in Sprite Creator

Is it possible to add a feature to the sprite creator that allows you to quickly change all of a specific color at one time? i.e. if I’d like to change all the red in an image to blue without having to use fill or anything else to tediously select each section in a sprite.

What I guess I’m looking for is for every time you add a new color to a sprite it puts it in a list, and if you select that color from that list, it will change that color everywhere in the sprite. Does this make sense?


Yeah, that makes sense. I thought of something like this before too, but neglected to post it because IIRC grazer didn’t want to copy Pixilart (and/or other sprite editors) [too much]. Pixilart has this feature as an option for the bucket tool called “Fill Similar Colors” where the bucket tool does pretty much as you described.

Any way, I really support this idea and that thing about grazer not wanting to copy other pixel art editors was a either a long time ago or I’m misremembering it (or both) and I fully support this idea.


I don’t have any problem bringing features to the sprite editor from other tools if they are useful.

I’ll take a look at how this Pixilart does this, but it also kind of sounds like palette mapping, where you swap one set of colors out with another using an index.


What I’m looking for is an easier way to change a specific color all at once to another color. I imagine this would have to be by sprite, not to cover all animations, se there will still be some time needed to update an animation, but this would cut down on the need to use the paint can to get everything.


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Am I right by assuming that you’re asking for this type of feature in flowlab?

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That’s exactly it, does anyone else think this would be useful?


Yeah, this would be really nice for QOL in the sprite editor.

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