Adjustable Room Camera

It’s a little buggy, you can read the description for more information. I’ll try to fix it later.

You can also reply here with any questions you have and I’ll try to answer them.



._. really???

I think you can make the rooms different sizes with the zoom feature. I did that with The Lost Temple of Amerigo when that was still something I worked on.

That wouldn’t be possible for what I did. If I wanted a rectangle-shaped room (Like shown), it wouldn’t work. (Zoom would also zoom which some people may not want)

Also, there was a really cool camera example that I saw before, I’ll try to find it. It was a couple months ago so it may take a while


Hmmm, now which one is better? :thinking:

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Just different ways of doing it, the example I saw in the past was a way better version than mine and is closer to what puginarug wanted I think

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This is it, it’s a little buggy but it is quite an old example. I wonder if @JR01 messed around with it a little if he could make a more accurate version

I love this, thank u

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codealpaca’s, exactly what i was looking for

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If you notice any bugs with it (which I’m sure you will find) you can @me and I’ll try to fix them. Rn I’m about to go to sleep because it’s 1:06 AM

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I started working on a Camera+ feature several months ago, but it got so complex from Flowlabs limitations that i ended up dropping it.

I can try to look into continuing on the project, but just know the setup will be very specific and a little complex… like similarly complex to my lap / positioning system. Would anyone be able to use it?


Alright, I went back and started working on this again.
I spent a lot of last night and most of today working on it, but I think I got a finished it.
I posted a separate discussion for it: Camera+ Example - JR01