Admin please help!

The sprite in my game has a behavior bundle that i need to adjust some things with, But when I open the behaviors every time the bundle is lost somewhere in the infinite, empty layout board and i can’t find it. Its a huge problem and It really needs fixed because I’ve had it happen to quite a few sprites before. Can you help fix the problem? Help me find the bundle or Reset his behaviors or something? But dont delete the bundles or the sprite. I would just recreate the sprite but I spent a lot of time on the walking animation and the player model and I don’t plan on re-creating the whole sprite.

The player sprite is names “AzanderK”

Ok, so I don’t have a great solution yet - and since I’m not you, I can’t edit your game directly, but here is what you can do to make sure your bundle is back in the center where it will be visible when you open it:

  1. open the behavior window
  2. create a new behavior (it can be anything, it is just a placeholder)
  3. zoom all the way out (0.5) on the zoom slider
  4. find your behavior bundle (it is up and to the right)
  5. drag your bundle down to where the placeholder behavior is located, and delete the placeholder.

Now, the bundle should be in view the next time when you open up the behavior window.

I’ll think a little bit about how to alleviate this issue with the interface.

I still cannot find the Bundle. :frowning:

hope you find your bundle, played your game though, amazing opening! Im using the forums to create a way to search flowlab games and I put yours in it, hope you dont mind.

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