Advanced AI competition

If anyone is bored or looking for a challenge, I was thinking of doing an AI competition. It doesn’t have to be a giant boss, it doesn’t even have to be a boss, it could be an enemy, or a computer partner. The AI just has to interact with the player in some way, and the cooler the interactions the better.

Suggestions for types of AI:
Partner type: Tails - Sonic 2 and 3

Enemy type: SA-X - Metroid Fusion

Mega boss type: Any Metal Slug boss

PixelPizza is doing a fantastic job making unique bosses. The magician one is particularly interesting, because you use his powers against him to beat him indirectly. I will be making all kinds of AI, but I thought it would inspire everyone to try their hardest if it were a competition. There is no prize, but I guarantee you will learn a LOT more about flowlab in a shorter time if you push yourself to try to make the coolest AI. It would also be cool to see grazer make a boss or AI, since he knows flowlab better than we do.

I’ll be making at least one of each type anyway, but I’d put a lot more effort into it if I felt encouraged by other people also doing it, because I’m competitive lol.

Up to you guys, we don’t have a ton of users, and I could make a video of each of our AI in action for a flowlab promotional video to get more people to join.

Not sure where to start, But I enter Boss 1 and Boss 3 from SB3… mostly 1

The idea was to create a new boss from scratch, and add something new to it that you haven’t done before, so you learn more about flowlab and try new things.

I haven’t seen your bosses because I haven’t played besides normal mode, so I’ll check them out either way.

@“Mhx Ar” Classic is the only mode they spawn in… and honestly Ive been dying to make a backfire type boss

@CrimsonBlackGames go for it. Make a boss that chases you, make it teleport, make it seem like it died and then rebuild even stronger, make it seem weak and suddenly rage mode, make its basic tiny lasers suddenly turn homing, make time distortion so the boss goes faster or the player gets slower, make the boss blast you with electric that flips your controls. There’s hundreds of things people can do with boss fights that I’ve never seen done. The possibilities are only limited by the creator.

Hey you know you could just @ my name so I could see it faster…

Anyway I’m in… I really like doing AI’s and NPC’s so yeah

Challenge accepted

I will try…

Btw guys soon I want to show you something that I made with the save behaviours

Okay, sweet. There isn’t really a deadline for this boss, but before New Years would be ideal. I only have maybe a couple hours every other night to work on stuff, and I haven’t even gotten my character to walk yet.

The idea is to make something from scratch and make it as cool as if it were the final boss. All my bosses will be about equally hard, so I have an idea for the first boss.

The best I’ve managed was Master Hand
I’m not doing any competition (I know I’d be outmatched XD), but this gives me a goal to try and make another platformer boss.

Now that I see it, it’s been awhile since I actually put effort into my games

@Luminous well there’s no winner or prize. It just motivates you more to see other people working on something similar so you want to make yours even better than if you were uninspired.

It haves to be a boss? I though it was just an complex AI

@PixelPizza It can be any complex AI that interacts with the player somehow. Doesn’t have to be a boss.

just to let everyone know that im now working on anything because i’m really sick

@PixelPizza dude, same. I’ve been coughing with a stuffed nose, no appetite, and my eyes hurt for over a week now. I hate cold/flu season. I can’t avoid it, because everyone at work is sick.

Whenever I have a severe cold, I’m like:
“Man, if only I could sleep well like a fluless day. Why didn’t I appreciate those days when they lasted”

@Luminous I’m over 21, so my equivalent to NyQuil is strong alcohol. The burn clears my throat and sinuses, plus you get so relaxed and tired really fast. Most cold medicine and mouthwash use alcohol anyway. Even hand sanitizer and aftershave do. Don’t drink those, I’m just saying that alcohol is well known to kill germs.

This is still up right? It won’t take much long to finish my entry…

I haven’t been on flowlab for a while. I’m going through a lot of bad stuff right now, and I don’t have any time or motivation. It just seems like bad things after bad things after bad things keep happening this month. I’ll probably be back after or around New Years. December is cursed or something. Every year it’s worse.

Same. Good luck man

i would like to see some one make a AI here on Flow lab involving every code attached to every other code what could that do?