Advanced mechanics generator

I’m currently working on a day/night, cloudy/clear, rain/snow, lightning/sun rays, shooting stars, Aurora Borealis, bubbles, wind, and world generator, but I have to put everything in the foreground, since I don’t have access to 5 background layers.
Basically, everytime you start a level, it could be day with clouds, night with shooting stars, windy, thunderstorm, or any combination. I also considered a moon and sun, that switch between full, crescent, eclipse, sunrise, sunset, and so on, but I would need it to not move, on a separate parallax layer.
Try the low quality test engine here:


Wow, yours sounds a lot better than mine. Right now I have just a GUI that is set with random logic to control weather animations and another layer under that which controls a set time for day and night. I have no moon or sun, just a more and less visible all black GUI layer. Under that is a random weather control that displays rain, fog, and moving clouds. That’s all I got.
I can’t wait to see how yours turns out. It sounds amazing!

Well so far I have these:
Cloudy/Clear/(Night) Shooting Stars
I added some bugs for Sunrise and birds for Sunset.

I’d like to see your weather engine, though.
Nice to know someone else has similar ideas.

I just got a better idea. I’ll just make multiple background gifs, and overlay them, so I don’t need the cloud layer. I’ll just have a bubble/rain/snow layer.

I’m not doing so hot on the day cycle

I considered having transitional animations as well, so it can change from day to night over time. It wouldn’t be too hard to do, but the main issue is things off screen don’t work since grazer made the update to stop lag on big levels. That also makes enemies and floating coins act weird when you come back, so they’re just floating away off their intended path. I would try to make a work around, but I can’t make any promises since flowlab is still in a beta.