Advanced pixel art option!

As a person who drew my game (GalacticoS) by myself entirely (except for one background), I found a few things frustrating when making the pixel art. Some stuff that I can use in other pixel art makers arent in flowlab and can be pretty annoying! So Ive composed this idea.

When youre in the sprite editor, making pixel art, a button should be under the usual boxes (where the hand, bucket, arrows, pencil, etc. are located) that says show advanced tools. If you click this, a bunch of more buttons show up (you can hide the tools if you want to)!

Here is a list of tools that should be added:

My biggest one is being able to draw transparent or semi-transparent colors! While making my art, there were instances where I had to erase a large portion of the area. Not being able to paintbucket the area with an invisible color was really annoying, even with the biggest brush size!

My next one is a circle/square tool! These are those tools you use in MS paint, where you select the tool, and it makes a pixel circle/oval that corresponds to the brush size, and changes depending on where you can move your cursor (same with a square)! It would help when trying to make large pixel spheres.

Another significant one is one that can be used in conjunction with others like the animation button; a select option! Its basically the circle/square tool, but instead of drawing a square, you select the area inside the square! This allows you to do things like move and rotate (ill Get to that in a second!) objects without having to shift the whole thing! It can actually be quite useful.

You should also be able to rotate objects 90 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise! By selecting (or not, which would select the whole area), you can then rotate the object on its center axis 90 degrees (and further, if you want)! This helps when you need to rotate something to face backward because you messed up a little with coding.

Speaking of rotation, we could do the same thing with rotation, except we could use reflection (flips the sprite vertical or horizontal)! This could also be useful in some instances, like making half a face and instantly completing it by selecting the whole thing and using the mirror option.

My final suggested option is choosing to let an image be HD! The GalacticoS title screen that I made was made in photoshop (and other sites, too), but it actually doesnt exactly look right because of the pixel grid! We should be able to make a setting where we have the ability to make really high quality images with more detail than the smallest pixel grid.

Thats all for now! Grazer, if youre reading this, please add this, as it would do a huge favor to us people that make a ton of sprites. Thank you for your time!

I agree with the Empty Paintbucket tool for sure. There’s actually a glitch to do it. Make a custom color in the selector, exit, go back, and immediately use the paintbucket. If done right, you will delete color with the bucket. It should be a feature.

I also agree with the rotate and flip. I can see this saving a lot of time.

The original Flowlab beta also had a paintbrush with opacity to pixels, so I also agree there should be a way to set the opacity percentage of paint and eraser. Just keep in mind, if a pixel is 99% invisible, but still exists, it will affect the collision box, so be careful.

Anything else isn’t necessary, like selection tools. Flowlab is supposed to be a game engine, not a Photoshop alternative. If you can use Paint, GIMP, Photoshop, Piskel, Sumopaint, or anything else, you should. The Flowlab image editor is mainly for ease of editing some details, mostly for animation frames. I guess Advanced tools could be a premium Indie/Student feature, but it sounds like a lot of unnecessary work if it’s not being used all the time.

Yeah, as much as anyone would like to have it flowlab isn’t meant to it.
Is too much work and wouldn’t pay off.

I will have to compare this engine with others.
Does any game-making engine that allows you to create really good art in there? or even an image.
Most of the software only allows image/model uploading.

Anyway, I strongly recommend you using Piskel, which is free online and has all the features you mentioned above, or Aseprite, which is a downloadable paid software (there’s also a free demo) that not only has everything you mentioned but so but so much more.
I use Aseprite on my daily basis and I really recommend it.

About the Hd thing. It really shouldn’t happen. If you say that you did it on photoshop make sure you are using 300 or 600 ppi/dpi. Flowlab will use its Anti-Aliasing feature and make it look super sharp as you want it.

I talked about this on the second page of Affrayer’s discussion:

It will never be 100% vector (i mean, you did it on photoshop and photoshop works with pixels, that’s why I meant the 300dpi thing) but you really get a close result.

I am probably going to start learning photoshop soon do any of you know a good online class to teach me?

I agree about how you can use things like piskel, but, maybe it was just me, but when I tried that I had a hard time importing stuff. If I drew this one character it would be shown differently on the actual flowlab sprite editor. Maybe I just did it wrong, but thanks for the feedback :smile:

@soethan1 piskel takes a few tries to get the pixel proportions right for Flowlab. Its not immediately intuitive, but its all I use for my stuff anymore. You still have to import animations into Flowlab one frame at a time, but the pixel creation/editing is worth that hassle.

If for some reason you guys didn’t know, flowlab uses 32x32 pixel images per grid block. As long as you set the border of the image to fit correctly, I don’t see any reason it wouldn’t upload right to flowlab.

@“Johnny boy”
Whether you go with Photoshop, gimp, or any other program, there are great YouTube tutorials that will teach you in less than an hour for free

Also should be a way to shrink sprites that are expanded more than the starting size block down to a smaller size @grazer

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