Advanced Portal System! New Update!

Hello, Flowlab Community! I have made a advanced portal system for a game I am making, and I think it might be helpful to some users? To use the system, you have to name the portal objects. For example, if you have an object named A1, and yo want it to send the player to portal A2, then you need to name A1 to A1>A2. You can make multiple strings, like A1>A2>A3>B3>E5, and it will randomize the destination. Hope this is helpful!

Flowlab Game Creator - Advanced Portal System!

WASD to move.

(I will make a better handbook and game soon!)


cool but I made something like that long ago

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I made a nether portal in a game that is now deleted

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Thanks! This is a more advanced system, where you can name the objects to where their destinations are, so you can have lots of portal objects.


Nice job Overma!

Will this be used in [REDACTED]?

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Thanks! Yes, that is what I made it for. :slight_smile:

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New Update!

I have made a real quick game to demonstrate the portal system! This system could also be used with doors, portals, teleport pads, chests, and more!

To use this system, you need to put the portal bundle in. To set the name and the destination of the portal to where it needs to go. The first name needs to be set. Name it A1 , or any other combination of Number and number. To make the portal teleport to somewhere, you need to set the destination . To set it, you name the portal like; A1>A2 . When there are more than three destinations, the portal wil randomize what destination to go to. It will randomize it every time the portal is used. For example, to get the portal to randomize, there needs to be more than two lists. A1>A2>A3 , so the portal will randomize between portals A2 and A3. The first variable is the name of the portal (A1).


Oh man, I love playing around with this.


Yeah, I know! It took me like half an hour to make, and like… and three hours of just messing around with it, lol.

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I’m going to fill the entire level with doors.
Wait, why doesn’t it work?

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You have to name the portals to set their destination. You can look in the game, or use this; :+1:

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New Update!

I was working on this function, that let’s you switch levels! You still have to name the object, like this;


Also, you can have different strings of objects, and they will randomize! For example, if you have the string;


It will randomize which input to go to! Hope this is helpful!

Also, a leaderboard is added! It was a quick addition, but it’s fun? It is calculated by how many doors you go through! Also, go through the metal door to go to the next level!

Note Feature Added!

And now, there is one more feature! There is a print note system! Say if you want it to hit this door, it outputs, now you can! When you name the object, you make a note at the end by using a /. Like this;

A1>A2 /Note Goes Here

And it won’t mess with the teleport feature, but it outputs whatever the note says in the bundle’s var output.