Advice for a noob coder

Soooo, I’m new here and I was wondering, could anybody please give me some recommendations for my game?
Here is the link,
If you have some tips or advice for a noob like me, please post them below, thank you!

i’d recommend using the camera behavior and animations

Just telling you, I have used flowlab for about a year and you probably will be able to master stuff like this: in the future :wink:

Welcome to Flowlab @Syntax_Html5 - I took a look at your game just now.

Probably the most important thing that I think your game is lacking is some sort of objective. It’s not clear what I should be trying to do when I start playing.

Thanks guys!
if there is anything else that I’m missing please tell me!

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(A story would sound nice for that, then you can make the objective clear)

Ok, will do!
(Please try playing my game when it is improved, I want to know what you think)

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add animations and a main menu (ALL yes ALL games have main menus

Not all games on flowlab have main menus

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no i mean all games super mario sonic hedgehog yknow what i mean

ohhhhh, yeah, every game like that has a main menu

so i should give mine a main menu too?
that would be hard…

maybe make a horror game

i dont have a menu on my game

on flowlab im good at 3 things: horror,art,overcomplicating code to make it better than the less complicated way
Im currently in charge of remaking a horror game made in flowlab from 2017 (I think thats right)

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