Agent Pluto - Winter Flowjam 2023

Hey, gang!

I took some time off of Ghost Gunner to make a little entry for the 2023 Winter Flowjam. It’s a stealth game called Agent Pluto where you have to infiltrate and sneak through the enemy’s HQ using only a device called the INFINIGRIP to aid you. It’s got a few bugs and definitely could use some polishing in many spots but I’m proud of what I got done.

Hope you enjoy!



The hiding mechanic is great, the art is clean, and not being able to jump puts an interesting spin on things.
Just a note, I got to the Enemy HQ level and took out the 1 enemy, but was stuck after that; going through the door did nothing and I couldn’t figure out if I needed to click something specific or what…? Up to that was pretty fun though, and nice job overall!


Enter key…to enter the door…but there sre some bugs maybe restart

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Thank you so much! MoneyPenny is right, you have to press enter to go through doors. Otherwise I’m not sure why they would’nt be working.

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This game is pretty good, but I accidentally bugged out of the world when sliding and had to restart :frowning:


theres a small issue with respawning, but aside from that this is a lovely short little game you made. Great job greggo :slight_smile:


Hey, gang!

Thanks for all the ratings! Agent Pluto is now a featured game :tada:! However, there’s still work to be done. I can’t do a lot right now because I don’t have a lot of free time on my hands at the moment but I’m gonna do my best to figure out what to do about collision while sliding.

In the meantime, I’ve added a temporary workaround so if you ever fall out of bounds then you’ll be brought back to your last checkpoint. I also updated the logo to be a bit higher quality.

Thanks again!