All my behaviors have been deleted

Every. Single. Behavior. Was just deleted from my games. It doesn’t affect any game in particular, but almost all of them. I was just editing Taile Gamougg: Noob and then I disconnected from the Flowlab servers because of the heavy load queue thing that happened before. I refreshed my page after a minute or two and then the behaviors of every single object was deleted. I checked taile gamougg 2: The Rise of Gloob Glab and the same thing happened.


Have you tried refreshing your page and looking at it again? Sometimes there are loading bugs where the behaviors don’t load in.

Then again if you went on two different games and had the same result, then there might be something wrong. @grazer?


I just messaged grazer about it. It apparently happened to another user as well so I think something’s going around.


Yeah, I just noticed the emergency server update.

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