All paid plans now feature unlimited games!

There are no longer any restrictions on the number of games you can create on the indie or studio plans. Also, free accounts now get an additional game (3 free now).

Yes Thanks! But On My Account I Have 1 Game But It Says 2 out of 3 Games And I Don’t Know If That Effects My Game

Yes, free accounts also get an additional game - so you get three now instead of two :slight_smile:

ohhhhh thanks


Im Going To Have A Upgraded Account 2Morrow

Thanks for the extra game on the free accounts!

AWESOME! This means after I finish ColorLand, I can make a ColorLand 2 easily if fans demand it. Without having to worry about having no more room for a 3.

YIPPIE!!! so thats why theres a ‘figure 8’ in my games remaining slot!

yep, “figure 8” for “infinity” :slight_smile: