Almost 900 plays and now at page 4!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for playing (although Im pretty sure all the plays are from me editing it and my friends playing it)
Please try it @grazer @meburningslime @meburningslime @“Biscuit Butter” @Latif @


Edits don’t count as plays unless you hit the play button

You’re welcome @“Johnny boy” , and thanks for posting on Bored Reviews! This should be up for Game of the Week once another competitor comes in. Thanks!

How many likes does it have right now?

Only 5


There should be more :lol: I got 800 some plays on one of my games with 13 likes.

@rcreger well if you know anyone who does flowlab tell them to like it.

Actually, if you win this Game of the Week, any one who sees the advertisement for your game will be suggested to like your game. That is why I say, “Make sure to give it a like” so that other developers get noticed.