Alpha sometimes not changing on once

When I use the Once behavior on alpha or even on other things it occasionally does not go off and it shows all the invisible labels forcing me to reset until it works.

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That’s a very strange behavior bug.
Does it happen occasionally or just some times?
(Oh, and could you send me a screenshot or the link please.)

you’re reporting very odd bugs lately, you should probably check your code more before reporting a bug, and it least give us a link so we can see if you are right

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It happen’s occasionally on all my games. (I forgot to mention only the first time I open the link)

I am starting to think that it is because I am using firefox since somethings do not work on firefox

what object is not turning invisible

any label that turns to 0 alpha but it doesn’t happen all the time

what object runs the 3 second timer

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As with your previous report I believe this is a coding error like galactian said. I’ll try to find where the issue is happening, but I’m not sure what labels are meant to be seen and what shouldn’t be seen.

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everything is not supposed to be seen until the yellow goes away. But I do think my code may be causing the bugs.

I have to go rn, but I’ll try to help later tonight or tomorrow

Wait a minute, I’m having the same issue

so either we both suck or this is an actual bug

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yeah idk I re did the code and it still does it occasionally. It isn’t that bad but it still bugs me since it is a game jam game and people don’t know to reset if it happens.

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