Always Output Not Working

@grazer, I have another block setting the global’s value, the global needs to be greater than or equal to 10, turns the switch on, which the always is supposed to be going into, and makes it go forward, until it gets 0 velocity. But the output isn’t working:


Cause - Had link of game.


Can’t give the game link because I’m trying to fix this for someone, it isn’t my game and they don’t want anyone else playing it or seeing it.

Unless I pm grazer the link

I see @Yorkie2323, its because they are all getting destroyed when the “points” global outputs to destroyer. Also you have 2 skullblaster objects…

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I do because I was testing to see if it was just that specific sprite, anyways thanks.

I also just realized you could’ve just went into the editor with the link in the screenshot, oops.

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I had it so that it was destroying on collision and the output of destroyer added to the global.

BUT, now I remember.
my code was changed because the person I am helping changed it trying to fix something.

thanks again for the help.


this game’s actually pretty epic.

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HANG ON DID U PLAY MY GAME :rage: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

@hihilogic if you did im not mad. Im just angry lmao but im releasing it. so DO. NOT. TOUCH. IT. ok?


Deleted the photo for you.

thankuuuuuu lmao ehehhe

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