Am I a Good Man?

So, I had just the thought that some may not like me as a person on FlowLab, so I am making this discussion for suggestions to improve my personality and my habits towards you as my fellow users. I want to be a pleasant experience, not a regrettable one. So please, in any rating form, please tell me what I’m doing right, wrong, and how I could improve, and what I could change to make you happier. Also tell me in this discussion if anything I do is upsetting you. Thank you for your cooperation, and have a great day! (Be completely honest, this is for you to tell the truth)

Your fine I haven’t seen a person on here that has said bad things about you or has hated something that you have done. You are doing great things for the forums and making it interesting keep up what your doing is what I say.

Thanks @TheForgotten , though you don’t seem too active in the forum since I arrived, but thank you anyways for the kind words! I do my best to appeal to everyone.

I’ve noticed I make a LOT of discussions… Maybe I should back on making so many.

Being a good man has nothing to do with your customers or how you get them it"s all about the Flow of the Game

Well, firstly @Pollyphilemond , I’m doing this to make sure I have not done anything wrong, and to be more appealing to the other users, which I wouldn’t say that they are customers, as I do not charge them. The title of the discussion, “Am I a Good Man?” was kind of just something to catch the interest of the other users. Thanks for the concern, though.

Sounds like clickbait but okay

I don’t even use this anymore. I even took off its bookmark to let it go away.

I can’t think of a place less likely to have drama than the forum for flowlab

That’s nice @SnakeInMyHoot .

Yeah your nice, and I dont have a problem with you at all. you help keep the forum alive!

I do my best @“Johnny boy” , thanks! But this whole forum is a team effort, for if it weren’t for you guys, I would have been gone a long time ago… You made my hobby!