An Engine Timing Update for Flowjam Summer Jam

I had not intended to do any releases during the Flowjam to ensure that the engine stayed stable, but it seemed like lots of folks needed some better tools for managing game timing, which makes sense since the theme is “It’s About Time”.

Anyway, this is a timing-specific update:

  • New Behavior Block: Frame Rate this can be found in the Game Flow section, and it allows you to set the physics frame rate from 1 to 60 FPS to speed up or slow down your gameplay. The default is 30FPS
  • New Pause Block Property: Don't pause this object this checkbox allows you to continue running a specific object's logic (all physics are still paused) while the game itself paused, for more fine-grained control of game pausing

Let me know if you run into any new issues resulting from this update.

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Hold my beer

great we can add a time slow feature now

and I can speed up my map generator? sweeeeeet :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update @grazer. Both new features will come in handy.

@grazer It does not work for me. Check the player object and “Time mechanics” bundle. If you hold down O that should slow down the FPS to 1 but does not. Is this a visual glitch?


Did you run the game from the behavior window and watch the behaviors activate?

The “0” key sets your number to 60, then back to 30, but nothing ever activates the Frame Rate block, and there isn’t anything that looks like it would ever set the FPS to 1

@grazer Sorry for the confusion. While waiting for you I tried making the game faster instead of slower to maybe help the problem. The “60” should be a one, I just accidentally forgot to change it back. Your reply references the FPS block not being activated. How would you activate it? I think that is the main problem, and reason my code is not taking effect.

Hey @grazer long time no see (see what I did there), thanks for the update! I have a recommendation for the behaviour. Could you update the pause block to look like this?

  1. freeze on pause
  2. freeze physics on pause
  3. freeze logic on pause
  4. do not freeze

@meburningslime and @grazer and also, maybe a contridiction,

  1. Pause everything except this object

@“The Kodex” that would be extremely complicated and contradictory, especially with multiple objects. However, I could see a targeted pause block do the same thing without the same problems!


@F3Art this would also be epic for things like BOTW Time-Suspension!!!

@meburningslime BOTW? The only time I played it was once on my friends wii u, so Im not sure exactly what you mean. Like the flurry rush?

@grazer hello i am having trouble with the FULL SCREEN behavior , it works when i start the game and stays full 90% of the time but sometimes after editing or reloading my page it wont go back to full screen zoom , i think i may be using it wrong. i have it on the title screen like this [once] - [toggle zoom]. is this wrong ?

@F3Art Fluury Rush, Stasis(you can guess that lol), Slow-motion archery, and time traveling enemies.

@meburningslime cool. I’m excited to use this new feature in my game.
I’m also hoping to play BOTW some time, I might buy a switch lite to play it.

@F3Art I’ve had both, wii u is same price and better, only it doesn’t play Mario Odessy and the like. So, unless you are specifically planning to buy another switch game, go with Wii U.

Hey @grazer i had a quick Question, once a mobile games been exported can it be Edited still while its in the app store?

@“Pixel-Master-Studios-Dev”, yes, but you have to re-export the game in order for the changes to appear on the app store version.

Thanks @GalaxianGames for the help