an extra game later specifically for visual effects

There should be a 4th layer (and a 5th sorta) specifically for special effects. They have all the behaviors as the game world except the ones for collisions. They have no collision hitboxes, they have 5 display order layers, which also overlap (or can be overlapped) by game world objects.

This layer is optimized for effects that would normally cause lag in games,

It’s time to add this because this has been suggested too many times.


more layers added


So now theres infinite layers.

@grazer what I had in mind was a layer for objects that did not affect the game whatsoever and were cosmetic, with very few available behavior blocks. They have no collisions, but still can be emitted from the game world layer. So pretty much foreground or something

Can’t you do this now? Use layer 4 or something and just create objects that are not solid and have collisions disabled. Will that work, or am I misunderstanding what you need?

Like a completely different game layer, that is similar to the game world but has no collisions. Maybe if done correctly it could cut down lag on stuff like SB3 have