An Important Topic

Hello. I am Deadly Smile.

I just wanted to say thank you to the flowlab community for these 3 years. Since the day I clicked the forums button on the front page of Flowlab, I’ve met users and seen users come and go since October 2020. From being @8-bit_Studio/@Mr_Secret to being @Blackhole_1001 to going to 8-Bit Forever and finally settling on the name “Deadly_Smile.” I met so many nice people (and only a few rude) during my time here in the community. I remember getting bored of and specifically searching up “websites to make games with no code”. The results came up with the top 10 websites to use to make video games with no coding experience. The first of the top 10 was so obviously I clicked it and watched a bunch of old youtube tutorials on how to use it and made my first game, Dirt World. A few days later I decided to click on this button called “forums”. At the time I didn’t know what it meant. Upon clicking it I was introduced to an amazing community with a bunch of other flow-users I can easily communicate with. The first topic I replied in was the “Bug Report Category” topic which was supposed to tell you the purpose of what the category was for.
After that I made my second game “Dark Alone” and posted it and that’s where the first person I ever met on Flowlab replied to me, ManiacPumpkin. Since that I had met so many kind people here on Flowlab and I am extremely grateful for all the tips and tricks everyone taught me to all the memes everyone sent in the Glorious Off-Topic Channel Of Destiny. Flowlab even got me through tough-times where I was going through something personal.

Just so you know, this isn’t a goodbye or anything. It’s more of a thank you for everything.
Also sorry for the essay, I know how some people don’t like reading a lot.