And, Or, Xor, Selector

grazer, I just went to try to make a new game, and sat for 15 minutes trying to figure out how the heck I ever did anything without the And, Or, and Xor options. Why were they removed? Those are very essential. I would also like to suggest a selector, you choose how many ins and outs it has, plug things into the ins, then the outs, then have a toggle at the bottom that cycles through the ins and outs. Why is this useful? I… I don’t remember. All I know is I used to use it all the time before flowlab. Basically, I could copy my logic from LBP Sackbot programming, and apply it to flowlab, since the logic is similar. The only difference is these 4 options, a battery, a repeater, and a bar, but I can easily make my own of those last 3.

its usefull because if you make a mistake, you dont have to go deleting all the imputs/outputs to get rid of just that one wire if its too hard to keep up with

Hey Mhx, I just wanted to discuss this a bit to make sure I’m clear on what you’re thinking:

  1. AND - This would be helpful
  2. OR - I’m not sure I see why this one is helpful. When you connect multiple inputs to a behavior, it behaves like an “or” already
  3. XOR - This would be helpful
  4. Selector - I’m not sure I fully understand how this one works. It basically just loops through the inputs, so it behaves like the toggle but with multiple inputs instead of just two?

Basically yes, I would have to look over previous games to see why I even used the selector so much. Might not be needed, but a multiple choice pop up could be. Instead of only “ok”, we could have multiple choice.