Android APK crash

I’m trying to test out what I have on a game I’m making for Android. Earlier versions used to work fine on my phone, but now it keeps crashing. When I open it I get a black screen for about a second and then it closes.

My first level is a menu that doesn’t have anything except a couple of labels and a start button, and a label that gets set from a saved value. At first I thought it was something with the saved value, but taking that out doesn’t seem to change anything.

Any ideas on what could be wrong?


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I would recommend re-processing the game into an apk, downloading it, and testing it again. If this fails to work, @grazer would have to help. Good luck!

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I’ve done that a couple times now and it still does the same thing.

@grazer do you happen to have any ideas?


Grazer is the creator and programmer. If anyone would know, it’s him. If you are an educator, I believe there’s a support ticket button for you on the main flowlab page as well.

I was able to test it on PC and it worked fine. Does android need to be built a certain way on certain devices?

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I believe as long as you’re running an up-to-date android device without any firewalls, antivirus programs or anything of that sort, it should work. I’ve successfully exported several of my games.

Hey @zgaulke1 - it looks like the Android build server needed an update. I just finished updating it, so the exports should be working correctly again. You’ll need to re-export any games that aren’t working to get the latest version though.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and let me know if you run into any further issues.


It doesn’t crash anymore, however I can’t seem to get it to load the screen correctly, it’s either zoomed way in or centered with the top left corner of the game located in the middle of the screen. I think I’ve tried all the different screen settings and it doesn’t change anything. Did they change what settings I need to do to make sure it fits to my screen?

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Yeah, that definitely does not look right. I’ll investigate this and see what’s going wrong. Nothing should need to be changed in the settings, this seems like an issue with the export.


I need any good sprite sheet for grass/plains biome pls give recommendations. (Works for all devices some sheets crash)

@imdavidddjamal please either create your own thread, or for small requests go to the otc. Thank you!

after this update my game export zoom out…

pls help

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@zgaulke1 and @adonisaru - the exported rendering issue should be resolved. Please re-export and let me know if you have any other issues. Sorry for the hassle.


That fixed it, thanks!