Android App Development

I was just wondering… does anyone know like. How Samsung developers code their apps? Which language is it written in? Im learning HTML as of now, and Java is next in line. I have my android developers license in a week or so. But Im working on learning everything I need to know. Do I have to rewrite the games codes for each device? Or can it simply be played on all Samsung devices? I need some help.

Android apps are normally written in Java, and exported as an .apk file. You can install the .apk on any android device - it doesn’t have to be Samsung.

Hope this helps.

Android is actuallly what I meant to say. I’m targeting the Google Play store when I release my game, I don’t know why I was saying Samsung lol. But I was hoping to gain some knowledge on the topic and you actually did teach me exactly what I needed. But another question now; what is an .apk file? Just a general overvew would help? lol, I’m just a beginner. I only know some simple HTML. But I have books on both HTML and Java progamming for android developers


Apk is short for Android Package

Its basically just a file format that android devices can read

Amazon, Google, and Blackberry (and some others too) have their own respective stores for these files, but they all are .apk files

Also - you can export your Flowlab game as an .apk file, if you are a subscriber.