Animating different variants

So I know rigging exists, but I believe it’s not here in flow lab.
My question, is if theres anyway to use one animation for different versions of a sprite, like if theres a walking animation, and theres 5 different costumes, It’s very tedious to make the walking animation for every costume as well.

If it’s not a thing, I would LOVE this addition, not knowing if it’s even possible


“Rigging” is possible in Flowlab, but isn’t used much due to it being a more complicated method than normal animations and because the animations can’t have as much artistic design to them.

I’ve seen 1 example of it, but just be warned I have no idea what the code looks like so it could be complete spaghetti


What I have done is download the sprite sheet of one animation and upload it to the character. Afterwards, use the position sprite tool to position the correct frame to the top left. Afterwards, resize it so only one frame is visible at a time.

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That’s a bit confusing, could you explain it more, Because Copying each frame seems harder.

Basically a sprite sheet of the character
Convert it to a gif

Upload gif as animation

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Make a character and a running animation, then download the sprite sheet. Upload the sprite sheet, then make a mew animation. Move the sprite sheet left one block for every frame. If you need me to, I can try to make a video for it.

Well, how do you make the gif once you’ve added another animation? Then it would have twice the frames