Animation Changes Hitbox

I have an idea that there is an option that if you want the hitbox to change when it is doing an animation that, for example, if the main sprite is small, but in the animation, it will change the hitbox of the object to be a big hitbox bc of the big sprite for the animation.
(ps, sorry if that was a mouthful.)


I also think, this would be rather helpful. Since I had a game where the character would gradually grow as you progressed, but as the animation made the character bigger, the hit box was still the same so when it was time for parkour, it was pretty difficult since you had to line the character up to land on each platform directly in the center of the character or else you could fall right through.


I think grazer said something about this before. He said the engine would have to recalculate the hitbox for each animation frame which might lower performance. I don’t remember entirely what he said, I think there was one other thing he mentioned. I would also like this as well if you could select specific animations to change hitboxes, but idk what it might do to the engine if you have a fast animation that lasts several frames.


Should add a hitbox behavior, that allows you to swap between different custom hitboxes.


Galactian suggested something like this before, would be a nice feature


@grazer still want you to see this.